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The Best Dispensary in Santa Ana

Best Dispensary in Santa Ana


What does it take to be the best dispensary in Santa Ana? Visit the Tropicanna, and you’ll quickly find out. We’re not just another boring dispensary, and from the moment you step into our store, you’ll understand the difference. Do we carry great brands? Of course. The best prices for cannabis in Santa Ana? Absolutely. Is it easy to find us? Without a doubt. All those things are important, but that’s only a part of our story. 


Living the Tropicanna Life


Attitude is everything. Cannabis is about living a better life, and everyone working at the Tropicanna shares that mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or a newcomer to cannabis ⎼ we’re here to help you. Taking the time to listen and asking the right questions are the first steps in making sure you’re comfortable making a purchase. Cannabis use is a deeply personal journey, and our highly-trained budtenders value education and sharing their knowledge. 


Each Tropicanna budtender participates in a continuous, in-house education program that starts with improving their listening skills to better understand our guests’ needs. Through training, our budtenders reach a sommelier-level of cannabis knowledge across all product categories. The budtender can then offer multiple solutions in different product categories based on what they learn by listening to the customer.


The Best Cannabis in Santa Ana


If you’re looking for weed in Santa Ana, quality is a critical consideration. We actively seek the best boutique flower and concentrate brands, and we have the best menu selection in Orange county. But, we are picky about what we sell. A product cannot be sold at the Tropicanna until our staff receives education about it, and brand partnerships are essential to us. To that end, brand ambassadors must actively educate our staff and help us promote their brands online. We don’t take part in any pay-to-play nonsense where well-funded companies pay dispensaries to place a brand on the shelf. Because we’re not beholden to any particular company, we’re free to provide the best brands, not those willing to pay for shelf space. This means that all our menu items are authentic, handpicked, and exceptional products. 


The Best Cannabis Prices in Santa Ana


Safe, legal, and tested cannabis products are important for your health and wellness. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible. First, we negotiate the best possible deals with the brands we offer. This helps keep our prices steady and lower than most of our competitors. Unlike other dispensaries, we simply refuse to charge ridiculous prices. Our goal is to always provide elite customer service and value at a fair price. We want our guests to enjoy the amazing products and our extraordinary in-store experience without worrying about paying too much. That’s an essential part of the Tropicanna life, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

To learn more about our products or order online, check out our menu, here. You can also save $ and stay informed about products and deals through our Loyalty Program.