If you’re looking for a world-class museum to explore, look no further than the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. This incredible institution is home to thousands of fascinating works of art from all over the globe. If you’re in Santa Ana, visit the Bowers Museum to learn about history and appreciate art from around the world.

The Bowers Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, and admission is just $12 for adults. Seniors, students, and children under 12 can enjoy discounted admission of just $11.50. The museum also offers a variety of membership options for those who want to support its mission and enjoy free or discounted admission year-round.

Bowers Museum. Santa Ana, CA

Exhibit A Fabulous Museum in Santa Ana

When you visit the Bowers Museum, be sure to check out some of its most popular exhibits, including the Native American collection, the African art gallery, and the Chinese art gallery. The museum also has an incredible collection of ancient artifacts from around the world, with notable artifacts including a mummy from ancient Egypt and a stone carving of the goddess Isis. The cultures the museum covers span the years from 1200 BCE to the present day, making it a truly unique and enriching experience.

In their Native American collection, visitors can learn about the cultures of different Native American tribes such as the Hopi and the Navajo which inhabited what is now the southwestern United States. Artifacts on display include pottery, baskets, and beadwork from different tribes dating back to the late 1800s.

The African art gallery contains works from all over the continent, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. The collection includes a variety of sculptures, masks, and textiles from across the continent with a special showcase of works from the Kingdom of Benin and works from different regions and cultures, including masks from the Dogon.

The Chinese art gallery contains over 200 objects ranging from ancient jades to contemporary paintings in addition to a wide array of ceramics, jade carvings, and calligraphy from the country’s long history. Some of the most prized pieces are from the dynasties of Tang, Song, and Ming.

Educational Art for all Ages

Additionally, the Bowers Museum offers a variety of educational programs, events, and films throughout the year. These include docent-led tours, hands-on art activities, lectures, and more. Every year, the museum hosts a number of special exhibitions, so there’s always something new to see. For kids, the museum offers a variety of camps and classes including the popular Kidspace program.

Aside from the museum’s impressive collections and educational programs, the museum also has a cafe and a gift shop where you can purchase items related to the exhibits you’ve seen. Purchase a souvenir to remember your visit or pick up a book about one of the cultures you’ve learned about.

So whether you’re a local or just visiting Santa Ana, be sure to add the Bowers Museum to your list of must-see attractions. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something fascinating through their artwork. The Bowers Museum is waiting to educate and inspire you!

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