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Cancer patients often feel reluctant to talk about their use of cannabis as a way to manage their symptoms because of the stigmas surrounding the plant, which is classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States. Even when public opinion on medical marijuana is becoming more accepted and widespread, there is still often a sense of shame and fear of repercussions associated with its use by cancer patients.


due to the risk of disapproval and judgement from their healthcare provider. It is important that a healthcare provider is open to hearing about their patient’s cannabis use and talk through concerns and potential risks. If the patient is not already doing so, the provider may suggest discussing cannabis-based treatments with an oncology specialist.


The provider can also provide educational resources about the beneficial and possible risks associated with cannabis use for cancer patients. It is also important for the provider to be aware of their state’s laws around medical and recreational cannabis use in order to provide the best care possible.


Now let’s meet Wendy, who inspired Frog’s Hair Wellness 


When Wendy Kleid was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in January 2019, she was all but rushed into Chemo treatment.  And as is usually the case, Wendy was given a “generic” set of guidelines about how the first treatment and subsequent post chemo would feel.


Under the impression it would be a couple days before the effects of the first chemo treatment would kick in, when Wendy and her husband left the treatment center, they had no idea that just a few hours later Wendy would feel horribly nauseous.


While both Wendy and Jeff, her husband were not active Cannabis users they did own an insurance agency that specializes in insuring Cannabis companies, so immediately Jeff reached out for some guidance, while he was actually driving to a dispensary, and armed with his perceived knowledge of what he should get that may assist Wendy, he went in, was directed to the “Bud” Tender (Think BarTender), Yes they should know everything) who was the “specialist” in dealing with patients.  He quickly showed Jeff what should work, and it was similar to what Jeff was told by his own Cannabis folks.


Jeff returned, gave Wendy the recommended doses, and unfortunately it didn’t quite go as planned.  Needless to say, Wendy woke up several hours later and actually said she saw Elephants and her heart was beating very fast.  As a spouse, Jeff was beside himself.  Through his own reading and education Jeff learned every person has a different tolerance level, and you should start low and work up to it.  And not every product is right for each situation.  And most importantly, and this is also very unfortunate, some of the best solutions available are unable to get shelf space at dispensaries or aren’t explained to every person.


So, getting the right product to the right person is a very hard process to begin with, and all while figuring out the logistical and state, county, and city regulatory compliance to make it happen.


Effectively, by grabbing control of Wendy’s medicine over the last 3 years, this really set the tone for “Frog’s Hair Wellness” to create an experience for others so they don’t have to go through what Wendy did just to get the right medicine for her.


Wendy very quickly embraced the alternative medicine world of Cannabis.  After a year of Chemo, multiple surgeries, radiation, and the start to the healing process.


And finally, when Wendy was shown to be Cancer Free in early 2020, the last piece in the puzzle, is that she found the desire to share what she had learned about the benefits of this plant, this alternative medicine and ultimately while sitting outside of her Dr’s office a couple months after her last radiation, and right when Covid lockdowns were getting started, Wendy asked Jeff why people can’t get the same medicine she takes.


So, with Jeff and Wendy’s guidance the process for creating “Frog’s Hair Wellness” was founded.





The advantages to having your healthcare provider have a solid resource person on cannabis therapies is proving to be beneficial in states that have legalized marijuana for the following reasons:


  1. Better medical care: By discussing cannabis use with a healthcare provider and/or liaison, patients may be able to get advice and information about the best way to use cannabis, as well as guidance on health risks and potential benefits.


  1. Increased safety: Healthcare providers may be able to provide advice on which forms and strains of cannabis are less likely to cause unwanted side-effects, as well as how to avoid potential interactions with medications, alcohol, or other substances.


  • Having a resource person on cannabis therapies ensures that healthcare providers have a reliable source of information on cannabis to answer questions from patients or other healthcare providers.


  1. Having a knowledgeable resource person on cannabis therapies can help healthcare providers address doctor-patient gaps of knowledge about cannabis products and their potential therapeutic effects.


  1. Having a resource person on cannabis therapies can provide healthcare providers with evidence-based information on cannabis safety and efficacy to inform decision making and patient care.


  1. It also allows healthcare providers to stay up to date on the current legal and regulatory landscape related to cannabis, and be better


Read more on, Medical Cannabis Course Offers Information for Palliative Care Clinicians (


As more healthcare networks are adopting cannabis education in medical marijuana states,  as of 2018 many healthcare networks and organizations in states that have legalized medical marijuana are beginning to offer cannabis education for healthcare professionals.


This includes the California Medical Association, the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, and the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. Medical Cannabis Education is also being offered as part of Continuing Medical Education in certain states, such as New York and Massachusetts.

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