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Celebrating Legal Cannabis with True California Vibes

Southern California is known for its sweeping vistas, cliffside beaches and year-round sunshine. At Tropicanna Dispensary, we’ve made it a point to incorporate this California vibe into our business as we sell some of the best quality weed in Orange County. The coastal SoCal scene is evident in towns like Newport Beach – a place we’re excited to serve. Newport Beach is known for its large, boat-filled harbor, piers, old-school amusement parks and big wave surfing. Before you hit the beach, choose a few of our top-quality cannabis products and start your day exploring all that Newport Beach has to offer.

The ultimate beach day includes a visit to the pier. The Newport Beach area is home to Balboa Peninsula, which features 2 piers; Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier. These piers are famous for an old-school amusement park with ocean views, called the Balboa Fun Zone. You can’t miss the sights and sounds of these classic amusement parks and beachside piers. Not to mention, the vintage Ferris wheel is super Instagrammable and ready for a photo opp.

Beach-goers have a variety of options in the Newport Beach area. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy the day sunbathing, try Corona del Mar State Beach, Main Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, Little Corona Beach, Huntington State Beach, or Balboa Island. These beautiful cliffside beaches offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the pier, instead giving visitors the chance to admire the lagoon-like feeling of the beach, tucked within the high walls of the rocky cliffs. Surfers can head directly to the Wedge, a beach known for its big waves. If you’re a diver, go to Woods Cove or Shaws Cove. While you’re there, hang out for the sunset or opt for a bonfire with friends. It doesn’t matter which beach you choose, beautiful surroundings, blue waters and the iconic sweeping views will truly evoke that distinct California vibe.

For those that want to learn a bit about Southern California history, there’s the tiny Balboa Island Museum giving guests insight into the formative years of the Pacific Coast. While you’re there, shop for California themed books and gifts. Architecture buffs can check out the Lovell Beach House for a dose of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed modern aesthetic. If you’re searching for a quiet day of leisure, visit the Sherman Library and Gardens, the gardens feature patios and conservatories, seasonal flower beds, and fountains. Collections range from desert plants found in the Cactus and Succulent Garden, to tropical varieties in a tropical conservatory showcasing orchids, heliconias, and gingers. There’s a Rose Garden, a Fern Grotto, a Japanese Garden, and the Herb Garden.

The charm of Newport Beach is sure to please even the most discerning visitors. Similarly, the variety of high-quality cannabis products available at Tropicanna Dispensary will satisfy even the pickiest cannabis connoisseurs. If you’re in Orange County searching for a “dispensary near me,” stopping at Tropicanna is a must. We’ve got you covered on all things cannabis – concentrates, flower, prerolls, hashes, shatters, topicals, tinctures, oils and more. Whatever you’re looking for, Tropicanna’s budtenders are happy to assist you in finding the best products for your needs. Take time to explore Newport Beach and all of the things that coastal Southern California offers while enjoying a cool buzz from our top-notch weed. You can even rep your favorite dispensary with our new lifestyle merch line. Don’t wait, stop into our shop today or order products online, we’re looking forward to serving you. 

Tropicanna’s menu has been curated to provide only the best of the best for our guests. We are proud to stock the best cannabis brands in Newport Beach and all of California.

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Dispensary FAQs

Is Tropicanna located near Newport Beach?

We don’t have a retail location in Newport Beach but we do have a Santa Ana location if you want to see us in person, or you can order delivery.

We also suggest you visit us in person if you’ve never consumedcannabis before. That way, we can talk to you about your cannabis wellness goals.

Come see us at 628 S Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Who is Tropicanna Weed Dispensary and Delivery?

As the name suggests, we’re a cannabis dispensary and delivery service with a Cuban flair. Think Miami Beach Club, but with California weed. Tropicanna’s cannabis dispensary and delivery service offers a one-of-a kind cannabis experience throughout Orange County. We are located in Santa Ana, and 12 miles from Newport Beach.

Our store is easily accessible by pedestrians, cyclists and public transit as it’s conveniently located on Grand Avenue. Recreational customers 21 years of age or older are welcome to come in and shop, as well as state-licensed patients 18 years of age or older with a medical card.

Tropicanna Dispensary and Weed Delivery carries a wide range of premium cannabis products and employs a knowledgeable, friendly staff to help you.

You can come and shop in-store, or take advantage of our express service pick up bypre-ordering your favorite products online. If you can’t make the trip to our location in Santa Ana, utilize our cannabis delivery service throughout Newport Beach. We’ll come to you!

How much weed can I legally buy in Newport Beach, California?

California law says recreational dispensary customers can purchase one ounce (28.5 grams) of flower per day and up to eight grams of concentrates and manufactured products (including edibles, oils, extracts and other products) per day.

A medical patient can purchase up to eight ounces of cannabis flower per day. That includes Newport Beach residents who visit our Santa Ana dispensary.

Tropicanna Dispensary and Weed Delivery follows all California laws and prohibits purchasing more than the allotted amount.

I’m a first-time consumer. How much cannabis should I buy?

We recommend first-time consumers start low and slow. You first need to decide what kind of form you’d like to consume cannabis. Smoke it? Eat it? Drink it? From there, you’d want to decide on your dose.

Start low, go slow, and wait 15+ minutes before consuming more. With continued use, your tolerance will increase and you’ll feel more comfortable playing with different doses.

How do I place an order at Tropicanna Dispensary and Weed Delivery?

If you’re visiting us in-person, one of our educated budtenders will be happy to assist you. Our streamlined check-in process makes your dispensary experience a Miami breeze. Share as much information with our budtenders as you’re comfortable with, and let them help identify the perfect product for you.

After you make your selection, head over to check out. Please remember, we only accept cash. Tropicanna Dispensary and Weed Delivery has an ATM on site for your convenience.

If you can’t visit us at our Santa Ana location, you can stay home and order from anywhere in the Orange County area i.e. Newport Beach, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Irvine, or Fullerton.

Where can I legally smoke weed in Newport Beach, California?

California state law prohibits smoking cannabis in public or publicly-owned buildings, including Newport Beach. You are legally allowed to smoke on private property (subject to any rules or restrictions set forth by your landlord).
Currently, onsite consumption is not allowed at Tropicanna Dispensary and Weed Delivery, so you’ll have to wait until you get home before sparking a joint. It’s also advised to keep all products from a cannabis dispensary sealed and in original packaging until you’re home.