History of The Tropicanna - Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Weed Delivery Santa Ana

History of The Tropicanna



From the very beginning, Tropicanna owners JP and Rooz built their dispensary on the concept that buying cannabis should be easy, a bit rebellious, and most importantly, fun. Not too long ago, going to a dispensary was like walking into a dark, depressing, and smoke-filled cave where you could barely see the “budtender” or even the flower you bought. The Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Santa Ana is the exact opposite of that experience as it’s bright, warm, and welcoming. From check-in, talking with the budtender and making a purchase, the vibe is relaxed, friendly, and customers are encouraged to hang out and enjoy themselves. 


A Hidden Gem Not So Hidden


Many dispensaries try to blend into their neighborhoods. The Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery Santa Ana is having none of that blandness and proudly declares its presence in vibrant pink and green tones that would be at home anywhere in Miami. When Googling “dispensary near me,” you won’t end up in some nondescript industrial park where you can’t find the dispensary. Driving down Grand Avenue, you’ll see the gleaming, Art Deco-style Tropicanna long before you pull into the lot. From the moment you park, we want to put an irreverent smile on your face because it’s time to buy some cannabis!


More Beach Club, Less Nightclub


Cannabis helps people live better lives, and the Tropicanna celebrates that ethos. We opened our doors on August 3, 2019, and when you walk through them, you’ll know you’re in your happy place. Combining Cuba’s cultural, can-do spirit with the feel of a Miami beach club, the open and sunny dispensary floor lends itself to exploring cannabis at your own speed. You’ll never be rushed; we want you to relax, take your time, and ask the highly trained budtenders as many questions as you like. Flower is our foundation, and we only offer the best buds along with premium, well-priced carts, vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and drinks. To be honest, trends don’t interest us ⎼ we’ll leave that to the other guys. From day one, our approach is to provide the cannabis products that our customers need and want, so we handpick all of the high-quality, authentic, and affordable brands we offer.


Running in Place is Not an Option


Long-time friends, business partners, and legacy cannabis cultivators, Tropicanna owners JP and Rooz seamlessly blend their extensive cannabis knowledge and business instincts in creating their dispensary community. JP is an attorney and a former screenwriter. He describes his friend and founding partner Rooz as “an operational and economics genius with amazing efficiency” who is the foundation of all operations and dispensary’s logistics. JP handles the branding, marketing, legal, and compliance issues to round out the other business elements. Their divergent worldviews, skill sets, and friendship free them to make decisions that more mainstream owners might not consider. For Rooz and JP, running in place doing the same thing as other dispensary owners is simply not an option. There wasn’t another Santa Ana dispensary or frankly any other shop they felt were doing it right. So, they set out to build the best cannabis dispensary concept, period. 


They are meticulous about getting things right. When choosing the building design they liked, they tested over 200 different color combinations while researching photos of Cuba and Miami. The iconic flamingo design in the Tropicanna name also went through more than 100 revisions. 

And then there’s the Marlin, magnificently mounted on a dispensary wall. The Tropicanna crew found the trophy fish in a backroom wooden case after moving into the building. In a rebellious nod to Cuban culture, JP knew it had to be displayed in full-on, shout out loud, pink. The problem was, they didn’t actually own the Marlin because it belonged to the man who caught it. Commandeering it was a gutsy call, but delighted customers love the Marlin, which helped convince its owner to leave it in its rightful place. In pink. 


Come On In, the Water’s Fine


We’re building a diverse community here at the Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Santa Ana, and we want everyone to feel like they’re a part of it. The laid back, beach club atmosphere is a crucial part of how we treat our patients, customers, and friends, and we want you to join the fun. Our loyalty club rewards our members with excellent deals, discounts, and member-only promotions so you don’t miss out on savings and great info about the Tropicanna. We truly feel we are the premiere Santa Ana dispensary. Come on in, the water’s fine, and you’ll feel better after visiting us. Trust us, we know. 


We’re closeby at 1628 South Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705. See you soon!