Cannabis Delivery in Santa Ana

Weed Delivery Santa Ana

At the Tropicanna dispensary, we think marijuana delivery in Santa Ana should be as fun and rewarding as playing fetch with a Labradoodle. If you stop to think about it, they’re remarkably similar in many ways:


  • Throw the ball = place the order.
  • Cooper runs after the ball = we start prepping your order in the dispensary.
  • He retrieves the ball and comes bounding back = we hop in our delivery van and head your way.
  • Cooper drops the ball at your feet = we safely deliver your order to your address.
  • Cooper wags his tail and barks for more = we thank you for your order and we can’t wait to see you again. 


Reliable, trusted, and confidential delivery options are extremely important and that’s why all of our drivers are Tropicanna employees. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t outsource this part of the business. Our customers expect and deserve safe, fast, and convenient cannabis delivery in Santa Ana from our trusted budtenders. And just like Cooper, we’re happy to do so all day long. 


Best in Show


So how does the delivery work? It’s pretty simple actually and we’re the best delivery option in Santa Ana:


  1. Call the dispensary or place an online order.
  2. Choose whether the order is for pickup or delivery.
  3. Fill in your delivery address or if you create an online account, just sign in. 
  4. Your order is then sent to us, and once we receive it, we’ll send a confirmation text or email while the order is prepped. 
  5. When the order is ready for delivery, we’ll send a second text or email notification. 
  6. The Tropicanna driver will then text you with an ETA to your address.


To ensure a smooth delivery system, we process our orders with help from the best delivery software available from Blaze, Woo Commerce, and Onfleet. Tropicanna delivery service is available daily from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. and we never charge a separate delivery fee. Most orders are delivered in one hour or less. By law, we can’t perform any delivery services after 10 p.m., so don’t wait until the last minute to order. 


Safe Cannabis Delivery


Tropicanna drivers follow extensive hygiene protocols including wearing masks and gloves to protect your health. We also conduct daily temperature checks on all our drivers, and they’ll make every attempt to honor social distancing guidelines and contactless delivery. Remember, adult-use patients must be 21+ and have your driver’s license with you. Medical patients 18 or older must have a valid medical recommendation card and their driver’s license. 


Beware the Bad Dog


Cannabis delivery in Santa Ana should come from a safe, legal, and trusted dispensary like the Tropicanna. Unfortunately, not all delivery companies are licensed, meaning they’re selling illegal, untested, and possibly counterfeit cannabis brands. Delivery services make it simple to get your medicine without leaving your house, office, or apartment. So place your order, and just like Cooper the Labradoodle, we’ll be happy to fetch it.


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