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Tropicanna’s Top 10 Products

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We simply don’t understand why people pay hard-earned money for overpriced, underwhelming cannabis at so many dispensaries. Tropicanna customers know that we focus on providing incredible flower and high-end concentrates at fair prices, which is why the Tropicanna is the best dispensary in Santa Ana. We’re a small, agile company and enjoy creating lasting relationships with boutique cultivators and manufacturers. We don’t do business with large cannabis operators growing mass-produced flower. For us, craft cannabis means working with family growers and distributors who understand the plant’s communal, medicinal, and spiritual nature. Authenticity is just as important as the quality, and we absolutely support the farmers and manufacturers creating amazing, affordable cannabis. 


Top 10 Cannabis Hits


Are you curious about what’s popular at our store? We were too, so we checked our sales numbers and created our top 10 list!




Ball Family Farm The “LaRusso” strain is influenced by the Karate Kid film. Just like the main character, Daniel LaRusso is a hybrid, trained for perfect balance. The nose hits with both spicy and minty aromas. The head change comes unexpectedly, much like a well-timed Crane Kick to the brain. But it doesn’t leave you too spacey or locked up and steadies out to a satisfying experience. 


The Fresh Baked Apple Fritters hybrid strain is famous for making High Times Magazine’s 2016 World’s Strongest Strains List coming in between 22-28% THC. 


Cannabiotix has unique, propriety strains with complex terpene profiles paried with a fun company vibe.  They’re devoted to using natural and sustainable farming techniques in symphony with the latest science and technology methods to cultivate clean, PGR free, award-winning cannabis flowers. 


Wonderbrett cannabis strains transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Their ultra-premium flower comes from decades of elite cultivation experience and rare genetics. Their strains also feature complex terpene profiles.


West Coast Cure takes an artisan approach to the aging process for properly cured flower. WCC takes pride in everything they do, including packaging flower in metal tins, not glass jars. They also built their reputation by creating the highest quality concentrates available.




710 Labs has unquestionably the best quality, fresh frozen water hash. They are award-winning artists obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small-batch, hand-trimmed cannabis on the planet. They hand-select exotic strains from the most renowned breeders, including landrace single-origin seeds that took decades to find.


Papa’s Select Living Extracts is the name coined for its  Live Rosin collection as it speaks to the premium nature of our extracts and our careful, artisanal process. They honor their farmers’ expertise by producing premium, small-batch concentrates that exemplify and complement the original cannabis quality.


Rosin Tech creates excellent, solventless extraction products worldwide by bringing to market best in class products. Their passion for solventless medicine is at the heart of everything they do.


RZN Nutraceuticals is a leading provider of natural supplements and OTC products to relieve joint and muscle discomfort and chronic minor pain associated with arthritis. 


Guild Extracts Delta 8, THCA is a rare and valuable cannabinoid that eludes most breeders due to its rare presence in trace amounts of the cannabis plant. Guild Extracts is a California-based, artisanal producer of award-winning concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur. They specialize in small-batch, handcrafted, exotic extracts known for their unrivaled potency, flavor, and aromatics. With Guild Extracts, there’s no need to fear the dab!


While these may be our current top 10 sellers, we’re always happy to share information about every product we carry at the Tropicanna. Come on in and talk with our highly-trained budtenders to learn more about what may work best for you. Exploring different options is part of everyone’s cannabis journey, and we’re here to help.