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Tropicanna’s First Ever 710 Dodgeball Tournament Comes With 30% Off Concentrates

Tropicanna’s First Ever 710

The holiblaze are upon us. 710 is the national oil day and the industry is gearing up for the biggest day outside of 420. This 7/10 weekend, Tropicanna Cannabis Dispensary Santa Ana is proud to be hosting our first Dodgeball Tournament! The competition is taking place Friday, July 9th from 10AM-3PM. Pull on up to see 12 different concentrate, cartridge and cannabis brands duke it out on the court. Staff from Dripp, Eureka, Casual and more will be showcasing their gym class skills for everyone to see.

The Tournament will also feature food from Outliers BBQ, sponsored by Cannacraft. Between the munchies and the games we also have five PADs where brands will be giving out swag and showing off their crafts. The brand that wins the competition will claim a Tropicanna Dodgeball Trophy as well as a Tropicanna Takeover Day, exclusively featuring them in the shop. 

Dodgeball Deals for Tropicanna Customers

The brands won’t be the only ones winning, though. If you’ve visited us in the last two weeks, you were given the chance to take a blank bracket board. Patrons may fill out these brackets before the games and present them to us. Whoever has the closest prediction to what happens in the Dodgeball Tournament will get our Winner’s Basket. This huge assortment is loaded with products from each of the participating brands! 

To make things even better, we’ve got a prize for everyone. Anyone who visits our shop this 710 Weekend (7/9-11/2021) will receive 30% any and all concentrates we have for sale!

A couple of these brands are also doing their own raffles throughout the 710 Weekend. Buy any Phire product and you will automatically be entered in their raffle for a chance to win an iDab Rig.

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