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Ten Premium Concentrates Brands In California Worth Trying

Concentrates Brands in California

There is no correct or incorrect method to consume cannabis, but as concentrates grow increasingly popular, more individuals are shifting from strict flower users to daily dabbers. Cannabis concentrates provide an entirely different experience than flower. As the name implies, concentrates are more potent than the flower from which they came.There are several methods for producing cannabis extractions, each with its own set of characteristics, tastes, consistency, THC concentration, and quality.

Understanding the maze of concentrates may be challenging, whether you’re an experienced dabber or a beginner. It may be difficult to know what you’re searching for with so many different brands and options to select from. Tropicanna offers a premium selection of brands that are consistently developing new and innovative extracts. Here are some of the most popular brands available at our dispensary in Santa Ana off Grant Ave.

Terp Hogz

Terp Hogz is one of those brands that is difficult to dismiss. With achievements like being the creators of the Zkittlez strain, Terp Hogz have been on the maps for a long time and are best known for producing extracts and flower that have a distinct fruity flavor, matching some of the qualities of the strain that they popularized. In addition to producing high-quality extracts, they have also won the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Emerald Cup.

Cali Stripe

Previously named Candy Stripe, Cali Stripe has very distinct packaging that you’ll recognize immediately, resembling a candy cane. This brand creates a number of various concentrates including seasonally curated resin varieties to cater the needs of each unique cannabis consumer. Cali Stripe is headquartered in Monterey, California, and has spent years honing their craft and seeking out new strains to pursue.

710 Labs

710 labs, named after the infamous dabbing holiday, is a high-quality cannabis production company. Not only are all of their goods organic and pesticide-free, but they also only produce them in small amounts to ensure that all of their extracts receive the meticulous attention that they need. They have continuously kept ahead of the curve in terms of product innovation, and their extracts never fail to deliver.


There aren’t many brands that can compete with Nasha’s authentic, solventless hash. Nasha was founded in the mountains of Humboldt County by a person who researched the hashish production process in India in order to make some of the greatest hash available in the state of California. Using nothing other than mountain water for the extraction process, Nasha’s hash is extremely potent and rich with terpenes. Try their Temple Balls!


In Sanskrit, Kalya means perfection, and perfection describes Kalya’s concentrates accurately. Kalya’s founders have been in the game for a long time, initially targeting the medicinal sector of the cannabis industry prior to recreational cannabis legalization in California. Not only does the Kalya team have extensive cultivation experience, but they are also Emerald Cup winners, taking first place in four different categories for their Grade-A solventless rosin.


Phire is always coming through with new and innovative products, and their extracts continue to become more popular. While little is known about the brand, Tropicanna is always stocked with a range of their various extracts, most notably their live resin badder. Their badder is absolutely rich with flavor and continues to impress guests, keeping them coming back for more.

Humboldt Terp Council

Humboldt Terp Council manufactures some of the best extracts available in collaboration with some of Northern California’s top farmers. Each extract produced by the Humboldt Terp Council is handcrafted and is best suited for experienced concentrate users. Each stage of the product development process is meticulously controlled, even down to the packing, which is also done by hand.

Papa Select

The ice water method is the primary extraction process utilized by Papa Select, gently pressing the buds and extracting the trichomes from the plant in a way that does not harm the flower’s integrity. While Papa Select does not cultivate their own cannabis, however, they do get it from growers that utilize sustainable, clean growing methods and have the most diverse strain variety. Papa Select also makes limited batches to protect the quality of the plant and retain as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible.

Real Deal Resin

With a name like that, you’d hope that the people behind the scenes are in fact the Real Deal. Originally started in Pennsylvania, the founders of Real Deal Resin relocated to California to further dive into the recreational world of cannabis. Real Deal Resin produces a hash resin that people go crazy for and luckily, we carry it at Tropicanna. Be sure to inquire to one of our budtenders about these delectable dabs.

West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure prides themselves on creating some of the highest quality badder, as well as their recently perfected diamonds extract. This brand also sells cartridges and flower in a multitude of unique strains. The staff at West Coast Cure place a high value on quality and safety, so they take great care to ensure that everything is just perfect before the products hit the stores. Each of their items is carefully tested by their personnel to guarantee that they meet their own extremely high standards. If you haven’t check out all of the cool apparel that WCC creates alongside their premium cannabis products.