WEST COAST CURE - WEST COAST CURE - Preroll - Lemon Twist - 1G
WEST COAST CURE - Preroll - Lemon Twist - 1G
THC: 26.4%
CBD: 0.03%
Introducing the exciting Lemon Twist CUREjoint from West Coast Cure, serving as your ultimate companion for wake-and-bake morning sessions. This Sativa-dominant hybrid smoke from our esteemed storefront in Santa Ana, CA, is an aromatic delight, skillfully infused with vibrant lemon and pine flavors. This twist of citrus is sure to provide a cerebral and stimulating high, derived from resin-encrusted flowers. If you're seeking an excellent start to your day, or an inspiring burst of motivation, the Lemon Twist CUREjoint is yours to savor. It introduces an optimistic, motivated mindset while overlaying it with gentle, uplifting bodily sensations to set the perfect mood. It's not merely a smoke; it's an experience that offers the kind of indulgence you can appreciate any time of day. However, just as important as the effects is the form. Our Lemon Twist CUREjoint falls under the preroll sector, a testament to its sheer convenience. Enjoy hassle-free, ready-to-smoke excellence; designed for both enthusiasts and beginners alike. This is more than a preroll - it's your ticket to an invigorating journey with every light. So, why wait? Spark up your day with the energizing twist of our Lemon Twist CUREjoint.
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