UPNORTH - UPNORTH - Flower - GMO - 3.5G
UPNORTH - Flower - GMO - 3.5G
THC: 38.76%
Experience the transformative power of our premier product, the GMO Cookies. This exceptional breed of flower is an intoxicating fusion of Chemdog and GSC, intricately designed to deliver a potent yet calming experience. Its genetic dominance leans into the indica spectrum, creating a profound body relaxation while keeping the mind sharply in focus. Originating from our Santa Ana, CA storefront, we pride ourselves on delivering products that help alleviate stress and physical discomfort. GMO Cookies does just that – supplying relief from chronic pain without inducing total sedation. This makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking a balance between tranquility and alertness. The dynamic profile of GMO Cookies sets it apart, radiating a bouquet of distinct aromas – think diesel mingled with the rich undertones of coffee and a hint of fruit. Every whiff is an invitation to partake in an extraordinary experience. These sensory elements work in firm harmony, offering an unparalleled universe of tranquility and mindfulness. So, yield to the allure of GMO Cookies and allow it to provide you with a soothing passage to relaxation.
1/8 oz
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