STIIIZY - STIIIZY - Disposable - Biscotti - LIIIL - .5G
STIIIZY - Disposable - Biscotti - LIIIL - .5G
THC: 87.62%
Biscotti is a potent indica dominant strain. This strain produces a cerebral high that leave consumers feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head to toe. In terms of flavor, Biscotti tastes like sweet cookies with undertones of diesel. Packing a big punch in a LIIIL package. LIIIL STIIIZY is the ultimate portable, disposable vape device that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds. Its simplicity and portability make LIIIL STIIIZY the new on-the-go must have vape device. BISCOTTI / INDICA · Taste: Earthy, Pine, Nutty · Feeling: Relaxing, Sleepy, Giggly · Description: An Indica-dominant strain that comes from Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. Biscotti delivers a powerful body high and delicious flavor.
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