A cannabis flower, also known as a bud or marijuana bud, is the reproductive structure of the cannabis plant. It is the part of the plant that contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, which are the primary compounds responsible for the plant's effects.
STIIIZY - STIIIZY - Cartridge - Blue Dream - .5G
STIIIZY - Cartridge - Blue Dream - .5G
THC: 91.28%
Discover the sublime fusion of nature and innovation with STIIIZY's line of top-shelf, botanically-derived terpenes. Extracted from a diverse variety of natural flora, these premium-quality concentrates epitomize purity and consistent quality. Revel in the balanced aroma and flavor designed to delight your senses and provide a remarkable experience at every use. STIIIZY's commitment to setting and exceeding industry standards has led to pioneering new methods of inspiring and influencing consumers. One of the standout stars in this stellar line is our Blue Dream/Sativa blend. This vibrant fusion marries the fruity and herby richness of Berry and Haze, promising a unique taste that lingers. The strain lifts your spirit, sparking creativity and bringing an energizing, euphoric mood that sets you up for the day. Blue Dream owes its standout qualities to the natural high THC-filled resin content, making it the optimum strain for potent, pure concentrates. This blend is a cross between Blueberry and Haze, combining their unique traits to create a truly unforgettable experience.
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