SMOKIEZ - SMOKIEZ - Edible - Blackberry - Fruit Chews - 100MG
SMOKIEZ - Edible - Blackberry - Fruit Chews - 100MG
Indulge your senses while reaping the benefits of THC with Smokiez Blackberry Fruit Chews. Manufactured in Santa Ana, California, these mouthwatering edibles come in a package of ten, each piece individually enriched with a precise 10mg dose of High Clarity Extract to ensure both uniformity and potency. The chews' aggregate potency clocks in at an impressive 100mg of THC per container, promising a reliable and substantial experience every time. Infused with nature's finest blackberries, these chews not only favor the connoisseur's palate but also make medicating a moment of pure delight. Each bite is an explosion of fresh berry taste intermingled with a delicate sweetness that helps mask the underlying herbal extracts. The craftsmanship that goes into these chews ensures a smooth texture that melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering bliss after each treat. Available from our storefront centrally located in the heart of Santa Ana, we bring you a vibrant, juicy, and energizing way to consume your THC. It's not just a product, it’s a taste journey. Indeed, these Blackberry Fruit Chews are perfect for the THC enthusiast seeking an enjoyable and efficient way to medicate on the go.
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