PLUG N PLAY - PLUG N PLAY - Cartridge - GMO Cookies - Live Resin - Pod - 1G
PLUG N PLAY - Cartridge - GMO Cookies - Live Resin - Pod - 1G
THC: 80.39%
LIVEST™ plugs contain fresh frozen cannabis harvested at its peak and preserved with all the terpenes and cannabinoids we love. As unique as a fingerprint, each batch of LIVEST™ is exclusive and limited to each harvest. Introducing GMO Cookies Livest, now made with liquid diamonds: a strain crafted to offer a sense of euphoric ease. This indica-dominant hybrid alleviates anxiety and stress, leaving you in a state of soothing relaxation ideal for unwinding and preparing for restful sleep. Indulge in its unique profile, characterized by a distinct diesel aroma that adds an intriguing dimension to your experience. Liquid diamonds is a process that doesn’t go under distillation which gives it a higher purity to create a flavorful, powerful and versatile experience. Liquid diamond vapes combine the terpene-rich qualities of live resin with the potency, visual appeal and high purity of THCa diamonds.
1 gram
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