PASSIFLORA - PASSIFLORA - Flower - Modified Reunion - 3.5G
PASSIFLORA - Flower - Modified Reunion - 3.5G
THC: 34.03%
Explore unparalleled relaxation with the Modified Union, our premier indica-dominant strain. This boutique cannabis flower is a unique cross of Respect OG and the highly sought-after GMO strain. What does this mean for you? Nothing but exceptional potency, flavorful finesse, and a calming journey into tranquility. Drawing from its GMO lineage, Modified Union delivers an intense, deep-indica experience that has cemented GMO as one of the most potent and in-demand strains in today's marketplace. Yet, this strain holds a sophisticated edge of its own. The Respect OG genes contribute a serene, calming layer to the high, making it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from stress, pain, or simply looking to unwind after a long day. At our Santa Ana, CA storefront, we take extraordinary pride in sourcing and crafting the finest cannabis flowers. Our Modified Union batch is no exception. It's an embodiment of our commitment to delivering top-shelf cannabis products right from the sun-kissed golden state of California. Celebrate the power of nature through this handpicked, indica dominant strain that delivers both powerful potency and lush tranquility. Bear witness to the highly coveted formidable member of our Flowers collection- Modified Union. Let it serve as an invitation to a quiet moment of bliss; a testament to the art of our cultivation craft. With limited availability, this glittering prize in our collection is an experience not to be missed.
1/8 oz
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