OUI'D CONFECTIONS - OUI'D - Edible - Hazelnut Praline - Chocolate Bon Bons - 90MG
OUI'D - Edible - Hazelnut Praline - Chocolate Bon Bons - 90MG
Elevate your senses with our premium Hazelnut Praliné, an exquisite edible you never imagined could bring you such astonishing delights. Every piece teems with rich, dark chocolate, harmoniously coupled with the bold flavor of fresh hazelnuts to create a taste as unforgettable as the first bloom of spring. Immerse yourself in the velvety softness of the amber caramel, inconspicuously exhibiting a delicate crunch provided by the feuilletine flakes. But what truly sets Hazelnut Praliné apart is the subtle infusion of solventless hash rosin, each piece offering 10 mg of THC. This meticulously calculated dosage will leave you smoothly transitioned into a relaxed state, yet still fully aware and engaged. Healthy and flavorful, our Hazelnut Praliné is Non-GMO, keeping you free from all concerns while enjoying this unparalleled delicacy. Carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients including dark chocolate, hazelnut, sugar, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, feuilletine, cannabis extract, and salt, every bite promises a pure and untainted gastronomy treat. Please be advised, our Hazelnut Praliné is produced in a facility that may also process tree nuts, milk, and soy. We operate from scenic Santa Ana, CA, where we take pride in creating gourmet edibles that encapsulate the laid-back, California lifestyle. Our goal is to provide wellness through delightful gastronomic experiences.
90.0 milligrams
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