LITTO - LITTO - Disposable - Strawberry Haze - 1G
LITTO - Disposable - Strawberry Haze - 1G
THC: 88.49%
This prize winning strain is well known for its sweetened strawberry flavor and an extraordinary aroma that can’t be mistaken. From mood to flavors, this strain does not disappoint. Prepare to notice an abundance of energy and the instant mood boost that comes along with this strain. Users dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety typically notice a decrease in those types of feelings when using Strawberry Haze. This strain can be added to any time of the day and mesh seamlessly. Strawberry flavored clouds fill the area quickly, leaving just as fast as they appeared; only the sweet, ripe taste of strawberries is left. Tasting exactly as it sounds, LITTO’s Infused Strawberry Haze has an unforgettably sweet flavor that sticks around from the beginning to the end.
1 gram
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