KIVA - KIVA - Edible - Milk Chocolate Bar  - 100MG
KIVA - Edible - Milk Chocolate Bar - 100MG
Take a moment to indulge in Kiva’s artisan milk chocolate bar—the epitome of luxury in every bite. This handcrafted marvel infuses the purest ingredients with the richness of brown butter to create a silky and creamy end note. Its subtle sophistication and smooth finish make it the perfect treat for those with a discerning palate. Each bar is made from sustainably-sourced, top-tier cacao, and imparts 100mg of cannabis extract throughout 20 delicious pieces. Every piece contains a carefully measured 5mg of extract, ensuring a balanced sensation. Ingredients like milk, sugar, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, and sunflower lecithin come together to create this satisfying edible. Please note that while every precaution is taken to maintain consistency, components and allergen lists may shift slightly based on state regulations. For the latest ingredient details, kindly turn to your product package. This milk chocolate bar does not only taste divine but is also kind to your calorie in-take, with nutritional facts indicating a mere 1g of total fat, 1g total carbohydrate and 1g of total sugar per 2.5g serving. Important to note, there are no traces of trans fat, cholesterol, or added sugars. Our journey in mastering this indulgence starts from our store in Santa Ana, CA, always striving to offer the ultimate in decadent, mature edibles. Our focus remains on crafting memorable moments one luxurious bite at a time. So, sink back and savor the generous spirit of Kiva's classic milk chocolate bar.
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