KIVA - KIVA - Edible - Blackberry - Dark Chocolate Bar - 100MG
KIVA - Edible - Blackberry - Dark Chocolate Bar - 100MG
Indica Dominant
Indulge in a superior dessert experience with our Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar with Cannabis, shaped by the culinary prowess of our Santa Ana, CA storefront. This bar is a symphony of taste, merging juicy fresh blackberries and toasted cannabis, masterfully enveloped in a velvety 54% cacao. The result is an extraordinary flavor fusion that leaves a lingering taste on your palate, beckoning you for more. Our chocolate is not just delicious, it's sustainable too. We use only ethically-sourced cacao, delivering a promise of quality, care, and conscience in each bite. Moreover, our chocolate bars are infused with clean, cold water hash, a gentle, yet effective process that captures the cannabis's essence in its entirety, providing a fuller and richer experience with every morsel consumed. With 20 servings per pack and a moderate potency of 5mg per serving, this thoughtful concoction delivers a measured high, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned aficionados who appreciate fine cuisine and excellent cannabis. If you are looking for an edible that effortlessly marries indulgence and wellness, look no more than our Blackberry Dark Chocolate Cannabis Bar. Be ready to delight in a decidedly decadent affair.
100.0 milligrams
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