GOLD FLORA - GOLD FLORA - Disposable - Triangle Kush - Black Gold - 1G
GOLD FLORA - Disposable - Triangle Kush - Black Gold - 1G
THC: 80.39%
Triangle Kush is a modern-day classic that stems from one of the most popular indica strains on the market, OG Kush. This bright green strain has been known to provide a nice relaxing body buzz, while keeping you mentally clear and surprisingly chatty. Triangle Kush is said to symbolize Florida’s top-three cannabis cities (Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville), hence the term triangle. Black Gold: The New Standard in Premium. Celebrate the best premium oil has to offer with full-spectrum, cured resin Black Gold disposables. Strain-specific, pure cannabis terpenes offer a true-to-strain taste, complemented by exclusive hardware that ensures a perfect burn and the safest experience possible.
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