DOLLAR DOSE - DOLLAR DOSE -  Edible - Tangerine - Lozenge - 10MG
DOLLAR DOSE - Edible - Tangerine - Lozenge - 10MG
Discover the freshly launched, double-strength, tangerine-flavored Dollar Dose lozenge delivering the finest in hybrid cannabis oil. Prepared using advanced supercritical CO2 extraction methods, these lozenges pioneer the way into elevated cannabis enjoyment. Falling in the realm of edibles, these small confections pack a punch with a delightful fruity twist, blurring the lines between candy and cannabis. Marvel the precise dosing system that allows you to control your experience and surrender to their brilliantly balanced and slightly soothing impact, which transitions smoothly from day to night. You'll revel in the purity and potency of these lozenges, skillfully crafted to uplift you without upending your daily routine. Originating from the Dollar Dose storefront in the blossoming heart of Santa Ana, CA, this stronghold in the cannabis community is committed to delivering unmatched quality and consistency with every lozenge. Not only does Dollar Dose deliver a premium edible, they amplify your cannabis journey, blending it seamlessly with your lifestyle’s rhythm, whether that be a bustling day or a tranquil evening. Immerse yourself in the flavor-infusion of sweet tangerines and top-tier cannabis oil with this newly launched, hard-winning combination.
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