COSMIC EDIBLES - COSMIC EDIBLES - Edible - Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough - 100MG
COSMIC EDIBLES - Edible - Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough - 100MG
Indulge in the ultimate palate-pleasing experience with Cosmic's Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough. This irresistible gourmet treat stands out with its lavish blend of real Oreo wafers and chocolate chunks, an innovative offering designed to satiate the tastebuds of the adventurous foodie. Crafted to perfection, our Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough is more than just a decadent dessert - it's a fusion of taste sensations and plant-based goodness, making it a prime choice for the modern, health-conscious consumer. Every bit of this cookie dough is laden with premium quality ingredients, including the heated organic unbleached wheat flour, earth balance vegan butter, organic cane sugar, and brown cane sugar. Bittersweet elements of unsweetened raw chocolate and organic cocoa butter blend harmoniously with the subtle sweet notes of organic rice syrup and vanilla extract. Residing in almost every bite is a medley of baking powder, whole soy flour, and Himalayan salt, creating a unique texture that's simply unparalleled. Adding a novel twist to the traditional cookie dough recipe, this product is also infused with balanced cannabis oil distillate for a distinct and consistent feeling every time. Hailing from our Santa Ana, CA storefront, this innovative edible is the result of our mission to challenge what's possible in the culinary world. Our product formula bears no compromise on quality, featuring a robust list of ingredients such as grape extract, palm oil, corn syrup, cocoa, cannabis distillate, soy lecithin, and wheat gluten. Enjoy this extraordinary edible that perfectly balances flavor, innovation, and quality.
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