CONNECTED - CONNECTED - Disposable - Bad Apple - .5G
CONNECTED - Disposable - Bad Apple - .5G
THC: 69.57%
Puff on a portable and convenient experience with this all-in-one vape combo containing 0.5g of the Hybrid strain Bad Apple from Connected. The disposable battery is included. The Live Resin inside is made from freshly harvested and flash-frozen cannabis, producing a higher concentrated terpene experience with the true flavor and power of the living plant. Resulting in a world-class vape product with loud aromas, bold flavor, and strong effects that you expect from the Connected brand. Store upright and at room temperature. Bad Apple brings on the flavor with an eye-opening sweet citrus taste that leaves your mouth and eyes watering with its rich chemical exhale. The smell takes a pungent turn, with sweet cheese accented by sharp chemicals and citrus.
1/2 gram
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