CANNABIOTIX - CBX - Flower - Blewtooth - 3.5G
CBX - Flower - Blewtooth - 3.5G
THC: 31.9%
A spectacularly flavorful cross between the original Blueberry (Purple Thai x Afghani) by Dutch Passion and OG Raskal's WiFi OG, this CBX bred exclusive delivers an intoxicating smell that invites you to roll up a fat one. Sweet and fruity, she leans very heavily into its Blueberry profile with an exquisite touch of old school diesel and gasoline. Taking on more of the OG nug structure, these stunning flowers feature a lovely scattering of purple hues from the Purple Thai that makes for some killer bag appeal. Ripe, wild blueberries and slight hints of lemon kush, this smooth and tasty smoke lingers perfectly on the palate. A relaxing, euphoric, and tranquil high that will have you giggling on the couch as your stresses melt away.Lineage: Blueberry x WiFi OG phenotype #129
1/8 oz
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