CAMINO - CAMINO - Edible - Blackberry Dream - 10:3 THC:CBN - Sour Gummies - 100MG
CAMINO - Edible - Blackberry Dream - 10:3 THC:CBN - Sour Gummies - 100MG
Indulge in the dreamy passage to a tranquil slumber by indulging in our Blackberry Dream Camino Sours. Crafted with a delicate balance of THC and CBN, this edible subtly tickles your taste buds with a flavorful burst of zesty blackberry. The concoction is designed to create an enthralling experience that's enhanced by the calming effects of chamomile and lavender extracts. Our terpene profile leans towards the Indica side, cultivating a serenely relaxing environment for your senses. Each gummy is carefully formulates with 10mg of THC and 3mg of CBN, meticulously calibrated to guide your journey towards a peaceful night's rest. Packaged in an easy-to-carry container, the total ensemble delivers 100mg THC/30mg CBN, ample for consistent, well-rounded evenings of deeply soothing relaxation. Born out of our storefront nestled in the vibrant heart of Santa Ana, CA, our edibles are prepared with quality ingredients, paired perfectly with expert knowledge and passion brought forth by our dedicated team. Our Blackberry Dream Camino Sours are not just indulgent bites, they represent a holistic lifestyle approach, promoting well-being and tranquility as the perfect closure to your day.
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