BREEZ - BREEZ - Edible - Indica - Royal Mints - 100MG
BREEZ - Edible - Indica - Royal Mints - 100MG
Presenting our Royal Mints, a heavenly mix of both refreshment and exhilaration. These tiny powerhouses are imbued with a carefully measured 10 MG dose of THC, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience every time. Designed by seasoned enthusiasts of cannabis, Royal Mints speak to the true connoisseur who appreciates quality and strength. Taking your feedback to heart, we recently reprogrammed our dosing, reducing the THC per mint from 20 MG to 10 MG. Now, each tin comes heaving with double the mints to keep your journey prolonged and flavorful. Even though the THC concentration is scaled down, each mint is still robust at 100mg, delivering a potent, invigorating effect. Operating out of the sunny ambience of Santa Ana, CA, we pride in our commitment to setting the bar for industry standards high. Using only the best-quality cannabis in all our edibles, it's our mission to provide an authentic, pleasing experience every time you indulge in our Royal Mints. Experience an exquisite marriage of strong potency and intense flavor, a true testament to our diligence and your discernment. With Royal Mints, every moment is a refreshing peak.
100.0 milligrams
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