BREEZ - BREEZ - Edible - Citrus Recovery - CBD - Mint Tin - 200MG
BREEZ - Edible - Citrus Recovery - CBD - Mint Tin - 200MG
Experience the tranquility of cannabis, minus the high. Our CBD-infused mints are a pocketful of Californian sunshine, each one is enveloped in a layer of organic orange oil for an authentic citrus twist. Notably, each mint contains 10 MG of CBD extracted from full-spectrum cannabis, giving you a taste of stress-free ecstasy at your convenience. To further set your mind at ease, we imbue our mints with naturally invigorating terpenes directly sourced from ripe, real oranges. The effect? An instant burst of bliss anytime, anywhere. Our creation has its heart in our storefront nestled in the vibrant hub of Santa Ana, CA, a place that truly celebrates California's spirit. Each production process from formulation to packaging happens here, infusing each Mint with a dash of local charm. Indeed, every time you enjoy one of our mints, you get a piece of this beautiful city, its people, and its incomparable, iconic sunshine. These mints are more than just edibles; they are a true Californian experience, distinctive and delightful that lets you touch the blissful Californian lifestyle, no matter where in the world you are. Own a piece of this sunshine today and let the gentle calm of our CBD mints elevate your everyday.
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