BREEZ - BREEZ - Edible - Berry Nighttime - CBD - CBN - Mint Tin - 90MG
BREEZ - Edible - Berry Nighttime - CBD - CBN - Mint Tin - 90MG
Step into the tranquility of the evening with our Berry Nighttime Mints. Carefully crafted with an exact blend of 3mg THC, 2mg CBD, and 1mg CBN, these little morsels are the perfect companion as you begin your night relaxation ritual. The special mix supports your daily decompression, allowing you to fully soak in the serenity of the setting sun. Our mints are gently micro-dosed, making them an ideal choice for those who are just dipping their toes in the world of edibles. Yet versatile enough to satisfy those who wish for a bit more kick - just pop a few more. They're not just soothing; they are also delectively delicious, brimming with the aromatic terpenes from ripe, luscious berries. Each tin safeguards 30 mints - that's a total of 90mg THC, 60mg CBD, and 30mg CBN. Our Berry Nighttime Mints are the epitome of relaxation at your fingertips. Savor them at home or take them along for a comforting retreat anywhere. Every mint is a testament to our commitment to quality, right from the charming city of Santa Ana, CA. Our credible and much-loved storefront stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, ensuring every purchase is smooth, and every product is cherished.
90.0 milligrams
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