ALIEN LABS - ALIEN LABS - Flower - Krypto Chronic - Indoor - 3.5G
ALIEN LABS - Flower - Krypto Chronic - Indoor - 3.5G
THC: 31.96%
Experience a unique blend of vibrant tastes and aromas with our latest addition, Kryptochronic. This distinctive Flower is ingeniously infused by blending Fruity Pebbles OG & Alien Cookies with Jet Fuel Gelato, creating an exotic, lively green hue sprinkled with vibrant purple undertones and brilliant orange pistils. One whiff and your senses will be delighted by a wonderfully intense aroma that fills the room, reminiscent of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles reimagined with a curious hint of gasoline instead of milk. As your taste buds encounter Kryptochronic, expect to indulge in a sublime layering of fruity and sweet berry flavors, enticingly harmonized with a delightfully creamy and robust gassy funk. This unforgettable, dialogic dance of taste and aroma leaves a lingering impression that invites you to explore and enjoy again and again. Our renowned selection, including Kryptochronic, is hand-picked and available at our storefront located in the heart of Santa Ana, CA. We take immense pride in providing a memorable aromatic experience rooted in exceptional quality, always striving to go above and beyond for those seeking to explore unique Flower offerings. Discover Kryptochronic and open the door to an unparalleled sensorial adventure.
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