ABX  - ABX - Cartridge - Gmochi - Farmer's Reserve - 1G
ABX - Cartridge - Gmochi - Farmer's Reserve - 1G
THC: 70.48%
Indica Dominant
ABX Farmer's Reserve Features Top-Shelf, First-In-Class Flavor, Aroma, And Effects. Carefully Curated, Whole Flower, Top-Tier Extracts. No CRC, strain-specific flavor and effects. Whole Flower: made from premium whole cannabis flower. Subzero Extraction: extracted at -100 degrees. Full Spectrum, robust terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Available in sauce cartridges, sauce & diamonds, and badder. Gmochi, a cross of GMO and Mochi, has aromas of sweet berries, creamy, and gassy undertones. The onset is soothing and calm, but also promotes a need to socialize and uplifts the spirits so you may carry on with your day at ease.
1 gram
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