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Cannabis Events in Santa Ana


At The Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Santa Ana, creating a warm and welcoming space is one of the most important things we can do for our community. Every day, we encourage our patients and customers to take a minute and talk with fellow patrons and our budtenders. Sharing personal experiences is tremendously helpful to learn more about this incredible, life-changing medicine. That’s why we host in-person cannabis events in Santa Ana that brings our community together and celebrates all things cannabis. Live events are also a fantastic way to introduce people to The Tropicanna Life, and it’s working!  Since we started holding events in April, we doubled the number of people coming into our store.


420 Day

April 20 is the most important holiday on everyone’s cannabis calendar, and we went big! To celebrate, we offered specials on our top 10 sellers and a 30 percent discount on other great products. We also raffled off gift bags to a few lucky winners. People streamed in all day long and it turned out to be our best day ever! Well, it was our best day until July 10th rolled up. 


710 Day

July 10th celebrates all things oil, and we couldn’t pass it up. Just like 420 Day, we offered specials on our top ten products. But for the gift bags, we changed things up a bit. We asked each of our best selling brands to create their own gift bags loaded with goodies inside. Patients and customers loved it, especially the custom Yeti cooler by Eternal Love Tribe and Wonderbrett. 710 Day was a huge success, even surpassing 420 Day, and we’re so grateful to everyone who came in and enjoyed themselves. 


Spa Daze

Spa Daze is a special part of #TheTropicannaLife. This event features specials on select brands created for women, so we thought, let’s relax, have some fun, and make a spa day out of it! Our friends from Slim Pen, Yummi Karma, High Gorgeous, and Kush Queen all took part. Spa Daze also included food, a mobile Mani/Pedi service, express yoga, and a gourmet coffee cart. We can all use some Spa Daze, and you won’t want to miss our next one. 


Find Your Best Friend

We’re unabashed pet lovers, and we want to make sure they have a good home. With that thought in mind, My Best Buds and The Tropicanna teamed up to sponsor a pet adoption day. Ten percent of the proceeds went to a local animal rescue shelter, and it warmed our hearts that we were able to find new homes for our four-footed friends. 


Dia De Los Muertos

We honored the Day of the Dead holiday on Saturday, October 31st, by transforming our parking lot and store into a lively, colorful space for a proper celebration. Cempasuchil flowers (Marigolds) and Calaveras (sugary treats) were everywhere, and most of the staff wore traditional holiday makeup. We also built an altar to guide loved one’s souls back to the world of the living. The parking lot was bustling with brand ambassador booths, an Afters Ice Cream Truck, Chef Rudi cooking on-site, and the Nomad Cocktail Co. serving non-infused mocktails from CQ and Kan Aide. Our good friends from Dreamt, Guild, Humboldt’s Famous Farms, La Familia, Plug and Play, New Normal, Rove, and Wonderbrett all provided incredible products for giveaways, and we can’t wait till next year. 


Lunch is On the House

Join us every Tuesday from 11 am to 3 pm for our Canna Cafe with Chef Rudy. He provides a rotating menu and recipes for both infused and traditional dishes. Put us on your weekly calendar, and come on in and learn to cook with cannabis. 


Sharing our lives with good friends and hopefully making new ones is a big part of #TheTropicannaLife. Cannabis and community go hand in hand, so keep in touch, join our loyalty program,  and we hope to see you soon.