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When it comes to social media, attitude and authenticity are everything. We’ve got loads of both and believe that posts should always embrace our dispensary’s personality. The Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Santa Ana loves having fun on our social media channels because they reflect who we are as a dispensary. Check out our posts, photos, and videos and you’ll see why we’re so different than the other guys. You’re not going to see a lot of bud porn or overused stock photos that some PR company flack sends out to everyone. What you will find is storytelling that introduces our store and team members, highlights amazing cannabis brands, and celebrates beach culture with the #TheTropicannaLife. We’re absolutely dedicated to helping our customers, but that doesn’t mean we’re full of ourselves. Our focus is on having a good time and why we’re always worth the trip to our shop!




Sure, we’ve got photos of women and men in bathing suits on Instagram, but they’re playing in kiddie pools! Want to see a sexy woman with an exotic car? Well you can, but she’s holding the toy Lamborghini in her hands! These photoshoots were about making fun of OTT pool party scenes and babes in cars that are all too common in cannabis culture. That’s not us. We like a good time just like everybody else, we just have a sense of humor about it. 




There’s no doubt that the past year has been pretty messed up, and our Fucket Bucket hats “put the bullshit in the rearview.” We think it high time to have a FU attitude about 2020 and get our heads right going forward, so come #FLOCKwithus 🦩🦩🦩🦩 on Instagram. 


We’re also on Facebook where you’ll find specials, loads of info about the store and the brands we carry. You can also get special events info like the #cannacafe with Chef Rudy. We like to think of it as putting the social in social media. Be sure to follow us the next time you check out our page to stay current with everything going on at The Tropicanna Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Santa Ana.


If time travel is your thing (or you want it to be), check out TropicannaTV’s Weed Time Machine on YouTube. Our crew members must save the day from moments in history when the shit hits the fan. If the they pick the right product, we all survive to live another day. 


We all know that cannabis affects people differently, so our He Said/She Said show gets the male and female point of view on the best cannabis recommendations for different situations. Our On The Spot videos mean our team members need to think fast and answer a question from out of nowhere, bust out a dance move, or take part in some true nonsense like eating an entire raw onion to make a point.


We’d love to have you follow our social media channels and become a part of our community. That’s the beauty of creating space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions for how you live #TheTropicannaLife, so #FLOCKwithus!