Cuban: The Tropicanna’s Style!


Without a doubt, the Tropicanna is the best dispensary in Santa Ana. It’s so much more than your average shop, and from the beginning, we created a community that embraces Cuban culture and the feel of a Miami beach club. Cuba’s relationship with the US is like cannabis; both are a bit rebellious and require ingenuity to be successful. Cuba’s government is harsh, yet somehow the Cuban people remain vibrant, resourceful, and find creative ways to enjoy life. So when you’re looking for weed in Santa Ana, take a trip to the Tropicanna and discover how the resilience and culture of the Cuban people influence our dispensary. We call it the Tropicanna Life, and we want you to be part of it. 


Time On Hold


One of the fascinating aspects of Cuba is how their society must make do with what they have. For nearly 60 years, the US economic embargo has wreaked havoc on the Cuban economy, forcing people to repair appliances, factory equipment, and buildings rather than replacing them. Classic cars from the 1950s gleam with nostalgia for a bygone era with ingenious, resourceful mechanics and local body shops keeping them running. Buying new parts is impossible, so mechanics scavenge needed parts or local machinists manufacture them from scratch. This “get it done” mantra is also required for the cannabis business. Ridiculous regulations and stringent procedures frequently change, so cannabis dispensaries need to stay nimble and find ways to make things work. Let’s not forget that cannabis remains illegal under federal law, and using it requires a bit of rebelliousness to live a better life. 


Despite their government-run economy’s daily hardships, the sun-drenched Cuban culture is fun-loving, vibrant, warm, and a mix of Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences. Cuban cigars and rum are considered by many to be the best in the world. Cuban salsa music is popular around the globe. Cuban art, food, and music festivals attract thousands of foreign visitors every year, and many Cubans have tourist-based side hustle gigs to earn extra cash. This entrepreneurial spirit is the core of the Tropicanna Life. We’re here to help our customers enjoy life through cannabis, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help them.


Cuba and Miami Beach


JP, one of Tropicanna’s co-founders and a US Army veteran, frequently traveled to Miami beach while stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. Many exiled Cubans make Miami their home, and they greatly influence Miami’s culture. Calle Ocho (8th Street) in Little Havana features cigar shops, Cuban restaurants, bakeries, art galleries, and coffee houses. JP reveled in the warm, friendly, and outgoing community and brought its elements into the Tropicanna. His partner and co-founder, Rooz, enjoys cigars with friends and colleagues in his back office much as you’d find anywhere on Calle Ocho. Kicking back, talking business, and having fun are one and the same in Rooz’s office and help set the tone for working at the Tropicanna. 


Miami’s look and feel are an inherent part of the Tropicanna, but it runs deeper than aesthetics. “We want our customers to feel like they’re relaxing at a Miami beach club or day spa,” JP said. “Miami nightclubs are incredible, but it’s a completely different experience than digging your toes into the warm sand or lounging near the pool during the day. We want our customers and patients to feel like they can hang out and talk with friends and our budtenders.”  


Even with social distancing in place, part of the Tropicanna Life is to enjoy yourself in the store and feel like you’re part of our community. We sell the best cannabis products at the lowest prices, and our expert budtenders ensure your experience is friendly and fun. That’s why the Tropicanna is the best dispensary in Santa Ana, especially when you include the Cuban zest for life. Come on in and say hello, take a look around, buy the best cannabis in Santa Ana, and leave with a smile on your face. That’s the Tropicanna Life, and we welcome you to it.